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Google Pixel 5a (5G)

Google Pixel 5a (5G)

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Product Details

  • Google Pixel 5a - 128GB - 6GB RAM
  • CopperheadOS preinstalled device.
  • PrivacyPortal Secure Packaging.
  • USB C type cable and adapter needs to be purchased separately.


  • Established in 2014
  • Considered to be the leader in Secure Android since public release in 2015
  • Combines the best-in-class features from various Open-Source projects
  • In use by Fortune 50 companies, military units, intelligence personnel and NGOs worldwide
  • Has went through multiple code and organization transitions
  • Secured against physical, remote and insider attack
  • Redundancy procedures on signing-keys and other critical elements
  • Can be fully detached from Copperhead with on-premise deployment

Security Features

Device Security

  • Fully incorporates all modern and future security technology improvements from public projects
  • Device protection
    • Distress Password: wipes the device when a specific password is entered
    • Auto-Fail Wipe: wipes device after a number of failed attempts
    • Auto-Reboot: reboots device to a fully at-rest state after number of minutes
    • Auto-Timeout Wipe: wipes your device if it hasn't been unlocked within selected number of hours
    • Control Camera usage on Lockscreen
    • Panic Trigger
    • USB accessories can be disabled completely or only allowed during unlock
  • Firewall
    • Per-app configurations for background, VPN, mobile data and WiFi access
  • Device kernels are upstream LTS, Hardened and built from source each release
  • Hardened allocator to protect from unknown and known vulnerabilities
    • More memory is available to the allocator to prevent various overflows
  • Hardened Browser
    • Device WebView (any component/application using a website) is fully hardened from attack
    • Uses 64-bit only for maximum security
    • Updated bi-weekly to patch known bugs
  • Copperhead follows multiple bug trackers to port and/or backport fixes not found in AOSP
  • Enhanced SELinux prevents privilege escalation
  • Applications are sandboxed from each other and cannot steal data

UX enhancements

  • Security Flags in Settings provide information regarding device security
  • Lockout setting for number of maximum fingerprint attempts
  • Users cannot enable or disable mobile data or WiFi on the lockscreen (Secure QS Tiles)

Additional Features

  • Robust SetupWizard provides easy integrations and customization for user
  • Bluetooth displays battery percentage
  • Modification of the Device Theme is available -- change icons, accents, overlay corners etc
  • CopperheadOS License Management screen provides easy-to-use license management tool
  • Pure-black mode
  • Active edge
  • Uses maintained Open-Source apps instead of obsoleted AOSP apps
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • SMS
    • Gallery
  • 2-button gesture
  • Android live wallpapers
  • Fully compatible with Data SIMs and worldwide carrier coverage

Privacy Features

UX enhancements

  • Enhanced Dialer options
    • Offers to call contact with Signal or WhatsApp
    • Warns user of location/audio leaks on unencrypted calls
  • Indicators for microphone and location when used by an application
  • Sensitive notifications are hidden on the lock screen
  • PIN number layout scrambled
  • Device information is removed from Settings menus (IMEI, Serial Number and more)
  • Permissions Hub
    • Visually represents how often applications request permissions
  • Panic app available -- toggle panic button and change application (ie: Signal) behavior based on function


  • Hardened Chromium has all analytics removed by default (ie: suggestions, 'safe' browsing)
  • All sensors are off by default
  • Permissions are opt-in by default


  • Privacy-based DNS (Cloudflare) used by default
  • Enhanced VPN support
    • Device hotspot can route clients through VPN
    • Apps can use specific network types or only through VPN
  • Optionally restrict cleartext network traffic across all connections
  • Options to use Copperhead, Google or other open-source network connections for time and provision


  • Bluetooth turns off automatically in a set interval when disconnected
  • Bluetooth scanning is off by default


  • Device randomizes Mac address (hardware information) upon scanning and connection
  • Wi-Fi turns off automatically when disconnected from high-powered network (ie: home)
  • Permissions Hub
  • System-apps (keyboard, Updater) have proprietary libraries removed


These are Copperhead specific applications developed for the OS

Bug Reporter



CopperheadOS News

Partner Integrations

  • App stores:

    • Aurora Store
    • F-Droid
  • Cloud and mobile services

    • Nextcloud
    • Samourai Wallet
    • Signal

Aurora Store

Aurora Store is a free and Open-Source frontend for the Google Play Store. Access Google's vast repository of free and paid Apps through your Google account, or go anonymous and get the apps you need discretely.


F-Droid is a free and Open-Source App repository and package manager. Enjoy the freedom to choose where you download your apps from. Get apps from repositories managed by the Guardian project,, or host your own repository to track official releases at the source and know where your data is going.


Nextcloud is the Open-Source solution to cloud providers like Google and Apple. Sync your files, contacts, calendars. Back-up your CopperheadOS device on your self-hosted Nextcloud server, and be certain that your back-ups are encrypted and safe in your control without the hassle of a USB flash drive.

Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet lets you manage your digital currencies securely, and privately.


Signal conversations are always end-to-end encrypted, which means that they can only be read or heard by your intended recipients. Privacy isn't an optional mode — it's just the way that Signal works.

Condition explained:

New Condition

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Like New Condition

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Preloved Condition

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Any software, module or package updates/ changes that you decide to do after purchase is the responsibility of the owner. You need to do your own due diligence before installing anything that requires superuser access and/ or requires root installation.

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