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Google Pixel 6a (128GB)

Google Pixel 6a (128GB)

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Product Details

- Google Pixel 6a - Good Condition

- Carrier Unlocked

- Without original box


This product ships with:

- Device

- No original Box

- USB C type cable (adapter needs to be purchased separately)


SoftwareGraphene OS

- GrapheneOS is a private and secure mobile operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

- It improves privacy and security through carefully designed features.

- Usability and app compatibility are important considerations for GrapheneOS.

- It is completely degoogled.

- The latest version of Graphene OS is installed, ensuring up-to-date security.

- Regular Google apps and services can be run in a sandbox for security.

- The phone does not rely on a central big tech account for storing personal data.

- Security remains high if big tech services like Gmail, Facebook, or WhatsApp are avoided.

- GPay NFC banking payments with stored debit card details are not supported, but other banking apps work fine.

- There is a well-maintained list of compatible apps available online.

- This phone is pre-installed with F-Droid and Aurora Store (app stores that emulate the real Play Store)

- The phone covers daily needs and has a pleasing design with long battery life.

- Support is available to help users find the apps and functionality they need.

- The original play store and services are installed so you can install paid apps (its is advised to avoid logging in to provide the best anonymity).


(Feel free to send a message if you have any questions before purchasing)


Any software, module or package updates/ changes that you decide to do after purchase is the responsibility of the owner. You need to do your own due diligence before installing anything that requires superuser access and/ or requires root installation.

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