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Magisk Root - Installation Service

Magisk Root - Installation Service

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Remote Root
Want to root your device but don't want to risk permanently bricking it? We Root For You! 
  • With my service you don't need to send your device in and wait for it to be shipped back! We work remotely!
Here's a definite list of rootable phones
  •  OnePlus (non T-Mobile, exceptions exist, but need a lot more elbow grease)
  •  Samsung (non Snapdragon variants) (US Samsung can't be rooted)
  •  Xiaomi, redmi, Poco (a week of lockout from unlocking the bootloader)
  •  Pixels bought directly from Google

Note: This is a generic list of possible devices, if you have questions about your specific device please ⁠message!

Any other phones will have to be manually checked for bootloader unlocking and even if it can be unlocked, it's subject to custom recovery/stock image availability (some providers like razer and asus don't explicitly provide the latest firmware files for us to patch and flash it)

Remote Service Steps
  •  We remotely accessing your PC - chrome remote desktop or teamviewer is used
  •  Then doing the necessary steps unlock the bootloader
  •  Then proceed to flash Magisk via TWRP, or if that's not an optimal route, we choose to use the older, but always reliable boot.img method
Remote Spoofing Service Requirements 
  •  A compatible device with an unlockable bootloader
  •  Strong wifi connection
  •  Windows laptop with Intel processor (AMD processors may cause issues)
  •  USB 2.0 or 3.1 port (3.2 will not work on all phones)
  •  Data cable (a charging cable alone is not sufficient)
Please get in touch via email at if you are unsure about anything!


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