Weather Week 2024

Weather Week 2024

Author: A Root Guy

Dive into Weather Week 2024 in Pokémon GO and harness the power of the elements! This event, starting at 10:00 AM local time and wrapping up on Monday, March 18, at 8:00 PM local time, celebrates the diverse climates of the Pokémon world. Featuring Castform in the spotlight and introducing a brand-new Collection Challenge exclusive to the event, trainers have plenty to look forward to. Here's a quick rundown of what the event has to offer:

Event Highlights

  • Bonus Stardust: Catching Pokémon that are weather-boosted will grant trainers extra Stardust, doubling the amount usually received.
  • Increased Shiny Castform Encounters: Trainers will have a higher chance of encountering Shiny variants of Castform throughout the event duration.

Special Features

  • PokéStop Showcases: During certain parts of the event, look out for special Showcases at various PokéStops, which will feature event-themed Pokémon ready for capture.

Wild Pokémon Spawns

Depending on the weather, a variety of Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild:

  • Sunny: Cacnea and Castform
  • Rainy: Lotad and Castform
  • Snowy: Castform and Snover
  • Partly Cloudy: Castform and Roggenrola
  • Cloudy: Castform and Spritzee
  • Windy: Swablu and Castform
  • Fog: Gastly and Castform

Additionally, regardless of the weather, trainers can expect increased spawns of Paras, Drifloon, Helioptile, and Amaura, with the occasional chance to encounter Lickitung.

Whos In Raids?

The event features a diverse lineup of Pokémon appearing in raids:

  • 1-Star Raids: Poliwhirl, Gastly, Hippopotas, Amaura
  • 3-Star Raids: Charizard, Lickitung, Drampa
  • 5-Star Raids: Regice
  • Mega Raids: Mega Tyranitar

Field Research and Collection Challenges

Trainers can look forward to Weather Week-themed Field Research tasks that offer encounters with various Pokémon, regardless of the current weather. Completing Collection Challenges during the event rewards trainers with Stardust and an Incense.

Immerse yourself in the elemental forces during Weather Week and add new encounters and rewards to your Pokémon GO adventure!

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