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Google Pixel (4GB RAM)

Google Pixel (4GB RAM)

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Google Pixel (1st Generation) - 32GB

  • Magisk Rooted Device in B Grade Condition (color may vary) 
  • PrivacyPortal Secure Packaging.
  • USB C type cable and adapter needs to be purchased separately.

    Location Spoofing

    • Setup for location spoofing out of the box (Android 11). 
    • Magisk V26.1 installed (has the ability to hide root from apps and allows for custom modules to change the entire look of your phone). 
    • Pre-flashed with Smali Patcher and other location spoofing modules.
    • Location joysticks app pre-installed so it is ready to go. 
    • Google store verified so you can download any app, location based game or banking app from the Play-store.
    • Pre-installation, basic tutorials and links to module services for specific games like PoGo (Polygon, PokeMod ETC, ONLY ON REQUEST).
    • Preinstalled with Stratosphere (RAM optimisation package) to give you the smoothest UI experience.
    • Original PoGo APK from the play-store
    • Please note this device meets the minimum requirements for running bots in PoGo you may face some overheating and fast battery discharge if not plugged in on charge this is normal as these phones are drawing a lot of power to run the bots.


    Any software, module or package updates/ changes that you decide to do after purchase is the responsibility of the owner. You need to do your own due diligence before installing anything that requires superuser access and/ or requires root installation.

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